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Welcome To Our Page!

Welcome To Our Page!

Hi, we are Bella & Andrey! We're happily married and have been together for 11 years. We're a loving couple hoping to adopt!


Hi, we are Bella & Andrey! We're happily married and have been together for 11 years. We're a loving couple hoping to adopt!

Gratitude & Reasons for Adoption

     We are so humbly grateful to share our story with you, as you make this extraordinary hard and important decision regarding your precious child. We cannot and will not even try to pretend to understand the depth of what you are going through, but your strength, selflessness, grace, courage, and love for your unborn baby inspire us deep into our inner core! Please know, should you choose us as adoptive parents, your child will be loved genuinely and unconditionally with devotion and commitment, as your child will be our greatest blessing in life. We will be more than happy to share any progress, pictures, letters, texts or email updates with you and your loved ones. You are very important to us and we hope you can be an integral part of our and baby’s lives. Our intention is to maintain a healthy relationship that you are comfortable and satisfied with. We will be eternally grateful to you for selecting our family and entrusting us with your child! We will honor you and ensure your child knows how special and brave their mother was, placing them with us out of love and desire to give them a beautiful and fulfilling life. We promise to provide a loving, stable and nurturing home for your child to grow in, to raise them to be respectful, confident and a kind human being. Your child(ren) may not grow under my heart or carry Andrey’s DNA, but they are definitely born into our hearts. They are longed for, wanted, and loved from the start. We are yearning for little one(s) and beyond ready to be parents.

    Our reasons for adoption are not unique or special in any way, like many before us and many other couples just like us have experienced infertility. Pregnancy loss after pregnancy loss, failure after failure to become parents; to start a family we know we really want. We always talked about having at least 3 kids, one biological and two through adoption. We wanted to adopt later in life after our biological kid would go off to college, but life works in mysterious ways. And now, after eight years of loss and infertility, we are eager to put that behind us and continue to build our family through adoption! We genuinely want to submerge ourselves into parenthood, to unconditionally love your child/our child, to raise a decent person, to help become a worldly, intelligent, kind, independent and self-sufficient member of our society. We just have a lot of LOVE to give!

     But, no matter where your journey may lead you, we offer you support, good thoughts and hope you’ll find comfort in knowing that your unconditional love and sacrifice means more than any words could ever express or paintings could ever portray.

Thinking of placing your baby up for adoption?


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  • And, if you have any questions about us and/or the legal process, please feel free to call our attorney, Suzanne Nichols, Esq. at her toll free number 800-255-1415. She is happy to speak with you and answer any of your questions and address any of your concerns.