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Family & Friends



           We are so blessed to have the support and encouragement of our family and friends in this journey. Our entire family is overjoyed with our decision to pursue adoption, and eager to welcome a new member(s) into our family. We absolutely love our large family and being around them. Being from a family that loves to cook and enjoys good food, our dinner tables are always trembling under the weight of tasty dishes. Our family time filled with smiles, laughter, cookouts, grilling, birthday celebrations, holiday parties, weddings, games and cheering on our nephew in his hockey tournaments and our niece in her limitless adventures. Bella has an older sister who is married with two children. Bella helped raised her niece and nephew from the get-go, she spent sleepless nights nurturing them at the toddler years, and dedicated an immense amount of attention when they were adolescent, stayed up with them during grueling nights of high school and college midterms and finals. 




 Our friends are a big part of our lives; we often get together for dinners, game nights, shows and just because. Except for Bella's sister and her brother-in-law, our social circle consists mostly of our college friends, most have kids that we adore as they do us and consider us part of their family. Our friends are aware of our adoption plans and are extremely excited for us, and many are ready to spoil, help and are planning play-dates. Our friends know the difficult path we took to parenthood and now are thrilled that we are on the path of adoption.  Most of our close friends have children and we have been part of their lives for many years. We often travel together and love exploring new countries, learning new cultures and traditions, tasting new cuisines and experience life. We learn from and support each other, encourage one another and often challenge to better ourselves. We love our friends, they are part of our family, and that is important!