Waiting For Our Miracle

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Our City



          Living in New York has a lot of perks such as shows, exhibits, and museums catering to a variety of audiences and interests. We love finding things we think would interest our family members and dragging them to these events. Thanksgiving, Christmas and winter holidays in general in New York is a pure delight, walking on Broadway, and up the Fifth Avenue looking into beautifully decorated and lit up windows of department stores, going inside and experiencing the spirit of holidays takes you away into a different world of visual experiences, scents, and noises. Going to Rockefeller Center to look at the Christmas tree is an experience of its own. Looking at all of the people gazing up, taking in the glamorousness of the magnificent tree and seeing happiness and joy reflected in their eyes will make the Grinch smile.  

          We look forward and cannot wait to share these incredible moments with your/our child(ren), to see the look of awe on their faces when they see an enormous tree dressed in lights and ornaments; and hope someday to take them ice skating at the rink below the tree and to warm up with hot chocolate; to give them a true New York holiday experience. We love holiday time in New York, that’s when the city comes alive and dazzles you with all its glory. 





Our Neighborhood


We live in Brooklyn, New York in one of the historic neighborhoods that you see in old movies and new ones like Brooklyn. Brownstones, parks, zoos, playgrounds are all around us. Our apartment is bright, light and spacious with more than enough space for a toddler or two to roam around. There is a large carpet in the middle of our living room that is just calling for a diapered behind baby(ies) to crawl around. There is always music playing in the apartment, pop, classical, country, soul, and R&B; we love music and cannot live without it. We live in a safe and secure building that has a terrace where families can grill, lounge and spent some quality time overlooking the beautiful neighborhood. 


The building is located on a quiet block next to a children’s playground, which is always full of thrilled kids on swings, sandboxes and monkey bars, and of course plenty of children around a spray fountain in the center of it all. Parents joyfully and carefully watching their offspring while the kids run after each other with brief pauses for deep breaths and intermittent requests for activities. “Daddy, can I go to that slide with Billy?” is a type of a question you always hear. Ice-cream truck music sounds and Mr. Softie is turning the corner. Before the truck can even make the turn there is a huge line of kids piling up with their parents digging into their pockets. 


Mornings in our area can be somewhat of an obstacle course, with yellow school buses dropping off children, fathers frantically trying to get coffee or tea while dragging their kids to school. New mommies getting some exercise, jogging their newborns in strollers, trying to roll them to sleep after a sleepless night of nonstop screaming. Dog walkers trying to make their way with about a half of dozen dogs on leashes. Mornings are definitely fun around here.  We love animals and had a wonderful spaniel, who unfortunately passed away when he was relatively young which was heartbreaking. We believe that a family is not complete without a pet in a house and planning to get a family pet after our most important life journey that we are on now comes to a happy result.